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Welcome to the Mortgage Payoff Club! We're a private club that's seriously weird about paying off our mortgage crazy early. Imagine a life without a mortgage payment!

We've even had EIGHT members already do it! Click here to request club membership.

  1. Mortgage Payoff Status Report: January 2021

    Mortgage Payoff Status Report: January 2021

    I thought it'd nice to do an annual status report grading my progress paying off the mortgage. Above is a graph comparing my current progress in paying off the mortgage vs what my mortgage balance would be without paying extra. But first.... some stats: Original Balance: $288,225.00...
  2. Thoughts and Musings

    The End of One Journey and the Start of the Next

    When I first joined the Mortgage Payoff Club I was starting my 4th consecutive year of additional principal payments, 26 months later and I was done. It was, and still is, exciting to see Club Members progress thru the Leader Board to the paid off section at the top, and that had been my goal...
  3. How to calculate your Mortgage Payoff date with Extra Payments using Google Sheets

    How to calculate your Mortgage Payoff date with Extra Payments using Google Sheets

    Want an easy way to calculate how fast you can pay off your mortgage with extra payments? There are a lot of Mortgage Payoff Calculators out there but I decided to learn something new and create one myself using Google Sheets. After all it's just math? Can't be that hard... right? Right? It...
  4. The Mortgage Payoff Club

    What is the Mortgage Payoff Club?

    Inspired by Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and the blog Budgets are Sexy, I decided to create this club to help find like minded individuals who can join me on this journey towards a mortgage free life. Just like how one does better at working out with a partner (or partners), working on...
  5. Why Payoff Your Mortgage?

    Why Payoff Your Mortgage?

    Why payoff your mortgage? Freedom. I haven't had a car payment in 6 years and I REALLY love that feeling. Imaging that feeling but having a paid off house. That'd be bliss. Why payoff your mortgage? Less stress. I'm freelance and the sole earner for my family of five. I've been blessed with...