The End of One Journey and the Start of the Next

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When I first joined the Mortgage Payoff Club I was starting my 4th consecutive year of additional principal payments, 26 months later and I was done. It was, and still is, exciting to see Club Members progress thru the Leader Board to the paid off section at the top, and that had been my goal for a couple years. Now that I reached it I reflect on how my life has changed having reached this milestone, and where my life is going from here.

After having paid off our mortgage it was a relief and what felt like an uncoiling of a tightly wound spring. The cashflow we had been using to pay down the mortgage, now combined with the old mortgage payment created a torrent of flow that did not have any specific obligation. This created a feeling of abundance in our home and we are very grateful.

Then with COVID-19, this really only reinforced why it was important to us to reduce or required base monthly expenses. With the extra cash flow we have been able to rebuild cash reserves, save more towards goals, and increase lifestyle without sacrificing savings for our future. More importantly it has allowed us to give more, and not only to tax deductible charities, but also to more local causes and needs. A friend dealing with job loss, other friends or neighbors that have needs we can help with, in addition to our normal charitable causes. It has been a blessing to our family and the families we have helped.

Now going forward we have some long term goals, but nothing that requires the sacrifice and time that this mortgage payoff did. It has been a freedom that brings with it a strong calm, even when life throws other obstacles at us. I can only imagine what financial freedom will feel like when we achieve that goal, but now with the mortgage payoff I feel like I have had a sneak peek to what that will be like.

I hope anyone reading this working towards the mortgage payoff will be encouraged by this post to continue on their journey, because the next journey is even more fulfilling.
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