• Welcome to the Mortgage Payoff Club! We're weird about paying off our mortgage crazy early.

    Inspired by Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and the blog Budgets are Sexy, I decided to create this private club to help inspire its members to acheive a mortgage free life.

    Being a freelancer with an unsteady income, the idea of having no payments whatsoever is extremely alluring. We’ve already slayed the debt beast and the only thing left is the mortgage. Without extra payments it’ll be paid off in June of 2041!? I’ll be 65. I want to pay this thing off in my forties.

    Can I do it? Let's all do it. Get your username on that Leaderboard! We already have one member who paid off his house in freaking Silicon Valley, CA!!! of all places. Who will be next?

    Register here. (It's free!) Accounts are manually approved and it's a private site as I only want members who are seriously weird about paying off their mortgage crazy early .

Some MPC updates

Hello everyone!

I've made some small tweaks to the site recently. :)
  • Mortgage Payoff Community Blog - If writing fun blog posts is your thing there is a new public section of the site (where this is posted) where any member can write some longer blog or article posts for the general web if that suits their fancy.
  • New Money Question Forum - There's a new section of the site and within it is a new question forum. Answers can be voted on to choose the best answer. This is a new feature of the new forum software I wanted to try out.
  • Thread Prefixes & Mortgage Balance - for the Mortgage Payoff diaries I added these two features. There prefixes should be a good motivator to get your balance down and move to the next tier or color.
  • Thread Data Field - for the diaries I added inputs for mortgage balance and interest rate.
  • Newest version of forum software - We're now running the most recent version of xenforo so things are sightly updated.
Enjoy the new features!
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Mortgage Payoff Leaderboard

Olde Grey Mare $0 PAID OFF!!!
$163,000 Prepaid
A Bird In Hand $0 PAID OFF!!!
$144,338 Prepaid
Lazerr $0 PAID OFF!!!
$117,392 Prepaid
justingross $0 PAID OFF!!!
$122,335 Prepaid
MTorrez $0 PAID OFF!!!
$240,495 Prepaid
San Jose 5 Year Guy $0 PAID OFF!!!
$85,345 Prepaid
MFP0311 £0 PAID OFF!!!
£107,090 Prepaid
Daveth $19,999 Left
$52,168 Prepaid
Gretagus £38,313 Left
£6,606 Prepaid
gfunkgow $54,000 Left
$10,500 Prepaid
Charred by FIRE $61,289 Left
$125,015 Prepaid
CoolHandLuke $62,238 Left
$25,433 Prepaid
chela2002 $67,297 Left
$40,235 Prepaid
zeesterretje €71,599 Left
€12,500 Prepaid
Beyond Blessed $73,125 Left
$50,000 Prepaid
watchingthepennies $77,690 Left
$7,200 Prepaid
MaketheGreatEscape $78,222 Left
$10,884 Prepaid
pigletandpooh $84,628 Left
$24,593 Prepaid
Shay $86,669 Left
$0 Prepaid
KellyT $89,000 Left
$70,000 Prepaid
Elouise $89,200 Left
$74,997 Prepaid
Anne $112,243 Left
$781 Prepaid
bmaas1170 $117,000 Left
$39,000 Prepaid
Angelab1210 $118,920 Left
$46,746 Prepaid
dr2018 $127,000 Left
$20,000 Prepaid
KCsunshine9 $137,051 Left
$69,000 Prepaid
Keif $137,392 Left
$98,961 Prepaid
tresleche $139,000 Left
$140,000 Prepaid
Ronnie $140,000 Left
$61,000 Prepaid
Blue Tree €141,383 Left
€51,281 Prepaid
Vernies2 $167,000 Left
$1,000 Prepaid
AntStrong $169,990 Left
$180,010 Prepaid
adukuma $180,000 Left
$50,000 Prepaid
Tom $185,000 Left
$500 Prepaid
Swtninnocent $191,000 Left
$4,593 Prepaid
GrahamCracker $193,000 Left
$500 Prepaid
Githaaa $200,000 Left
$1 Prepaid
Macattack12 $200,000 Left
$0 Prepaid
Swarthmorean $202,466 Left
$69,408 Prepaid
ddelgado $207,449 Left
$23,294 Prepaid
kiwigoals $209,500 Left
$0 Prepaid
Squirly $220 Left
$4,000 Prepaid
bcilove$ $225,000 Left
$25,000 Prepaid
cdub $225,911 Left
$10,377 Prepaid
Callie $229,444 Left
$12,675 Prepaid
Funfamfuture $230,200 Left
$0 Prepaid
Jan $266,689 Left
$881 Prepaid
LuckBeALady $279,173 Left
$60,507 Prepaid
kwal1234 $287,738 Left
$0 Prepaid
Dduran22 $327,250 Left
$57,750 Prepaid