What is the Mortgage Payoff Club?

Inspired by Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and the blog Budgets are Sexy, I decided to create this club to help find like minded individuals who can join me on this journey towards a mortgage free life.

Just like how one does better at working out with a partner (or partners), working on paying down our debt together will help us keep at it so we can reach our goal.

Being a freelancer with an unsteady income, the idea of having no payments whatsoever is extremely alluring. We’ve already slayed the debt beast and the only thing left is the mortgage, all $262,534.26 of it as of October 2015.

Without extra payments it’ll be paid off in June of 2041!? I’ll be 65. I want to pay this thing off in my early forties.

Can I do it? I hope I can. With your pressure and support I will!

How do I join the club?

Register here. Please no spam. If I find you're posting spam your content will be removed.

Please be sure to fill in your current mortgage debt, interest rate and term, and the amount of mortgage debt that you have already paid down when you register. That's what the site is about after all!

Be sure to only use numbers and no commas in the "mortgage debt" and "mortgage debt paid" fields.
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Started The Mortgage Payoff Club in 2015 after being inspired by Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover", Elizabeth Warren's "All Your Worth", and the blog Budgets are Sexy. Life got in the way and I haven't been able to be as aggressive as I'd like in paying it off over the years but a total of over $29,000 has been paid down so far and I've saved $37k in interest. If I continue at my current payoff rate my estimated payoff date is 2/1/2029. I'm going to try and get that lower. (original payoff date was 6/1/2042!!)


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