The NEW YNAB is out and I've fully switched over to it. :)

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The new version of YNAB is out and I've fully switched over to it.

It's fully web based - which means that it'll run on my trusty Chromebook without any modification. (I still have my Chromebook modified so that I can use a local FTP program in Linux - don't trust web based ones yet)

The slight bummer is that it is now a monthly or yearly fee to be used... ($45/year in my case) but the good news with this is that they now update it VERY frequently so it keeps getting better and better.

Reports aren't in it yet - but they better be by the time tax season comes around for 2016 and I'm sure they will.

Some great new features of the new YNAB:

  • FAST.... it loads and updates fast on the web. The mobile app for Android (and I'm assuming iPhone as well) is MUCH faster and I actually use it now. It was too slow before.
  • You can now budget months in the future from the same pile of money. There is no "income available next month" anymore - while this was a little bit of a bummer at first... it allowed me to have a lightbulb moment... now my "Emergency Fund" is in the budget and I can budget far out into the future... and now I know I have exactly 2 months of living expenses saved away now. When I'm budgeted out 6 months into the future then my e-fund will be complete.
  • It handles credit cards differently but it make more sense for those carrying a balance. I don't carry a balance so it doesn't affect me really but it is a slight change.
  • I can use it on any computer. It's completely web based, so I can use it on any computer including this Chromebook. Did I mention it's fast? :)
  • You can now auto download transactions from the bank. This is good... especially since my bank doesn't allow me to download individual qif files so I had to do it all manually before.
Long story short... I really like it. I'll do another post on it in a little while on my new e-fund method.
You Need A Budget
To learn more about YNAB click here.
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